Seventh-day Adventist Church
2003 NAB Offering Call
“Becoming Faithful Stewards”

Date: August 30, 2003
Appeal: Conference Evangelism

Many years ago a lonely stranger visited a small Methodist church in Anderson, Georgia. Since it was a small congregation, he was able to visit and shake hands with each of the members. It was their custom to be friendly to all visitors to their church, and no one had any reason to remember this particular stranger from any of the thousands of travelers who had worshiped only once with the congregation and moved on.

But he remembered their kindness, and now they will never forget him. You see, Robert Brown was well known in the New Jersey community in which he lived for two attributes: he was rather shy, keeping to himself, and was thrifty in his lifestyle. Upon his death he left his entire estate of $178,300.00 to the little Methodist church in Andersonville, that he had visited many years earlier.

As one hears of stories such as the one we have just read, it reminds us of what the Spirit of Prophecy says on this very subject: “We should have words and deeds of tender consideration for others. We can manifest a thousand little attentions in friendly words and pleasant looks which will reflect upon us again. It is impossible to be in union with Christ and yet be unkind to others and forget their rights. Our lives should be consecrated to the good and happiness of others, as was our Saviors.” (Testimony for the Church, Volume 3, page 539.)

Offering Appeal: Today’s offering is for local church evangelism, to help our church make friends with the community. We do this, not so people will give us large sums of money, but so they will give something more precious,, their hearts to Jesus.